Specialising in children's Physical literacy through gross motor play


At Ribbit & Roo our main drive is to empower children and families to choose a healthy lifestyle through imaginative, structured, play-based physical activity.

We aim to do this by helping provide each child with the start they need in physical literacy - motivation, skill, confidence and knowledge.

We believe throughout Early childhood each child should have the opportunity to participate in a range of gross motor activities which can help their understanding of health and well-being from an early age. Each child's social & emotional well-being is just as important as their physical well-being at Ribbit & Roo. We believe it is important to build self esteem, resilience and strengthen peer relationships through structured, active play.



Three Cute Kids

Early Childcare programs

Ribbit & Roo are committed to helping Early childhood providers inspire each child and their families to be motivated and passionate about being physically active.

Our specialised Ribbit & Roo gross motor programs are age appropriate and can be tailored to each Early Childcare provider based on the needs of their children, families and team members.


Play Sessions

Ribbit & Roo are passionate about giving children aged 2 - 4 the opportunity to participate in a range of activities which can help develop physical literacy and improve gross motor development.

Our weekly play sessions are age appropriate, fun and filled with imaginative play. Play sessions are a perfect start to your child's physical, social and emotional development.


Jenny Houston -

Sports Coach, Child's Sport Development and Early Childhood experienced - HND Sports Coaching with Sports Development. BSc (Hons) Sports Science, MSc Sports Performance Enhancement

I have been passionate about children's health and physical activity my whole life. As a sports coach for over 18 years and a mother of two young children, I fully understand the benefits physical activity and gross motor skills have on children. I have been lucky enough to work alongside premium childcare providers and schools around the world which have inspired me to share my knowledge and expertise about the importance of health and well-being in young children.


Parents & Carers Recommend



Early Childhood - ECT

As an ECT with over 30 years experience, it's refreshing to be inspired by Ribbit & Roo. The activities offer a holistic approach and can be integrated into any setting. It is also great to have children involved so enthusiastically as this engages peer learning. Keep up the great work!


Early Childhood Diploma educator

WOW! When I discovered Ribbit & Roo I was so excited! As I work in Early Childhood, it is so great to see a business that is helping offer developmentally appropriate and engaging activities that are super simple and straightforward to follow. Well done Ribbit & Roo!


Parent of Lily - 17 months

Ribbit & Roo has been a fantastic tool for my daughter. It has given me activities to do with her, which she loves, as well as working on and improving her spacial awareness skills. I also love that all the activities are fun and always keeps her attention.

Mrs V Yule

Early Years Manager

I've been involved in nursery education for the past 30 years and I have always thought it was important to experiment with innovative creative ways of helping children reach their full potential. I am retired now, but still maintain an interest in all aspects of early years education. Ribbit & Roo was recommended to me, and I found it inspiring to see how Jenny has skillfully incorporated her expertise in physical education to provide  the reasoning behind each task. Jenny demonstrates each activity with her own children and this is testament to the fact that these tasks can be performed by anyone in any environment. I look forward to the development of Ribbit & Roo.


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