Ribbit & Roo are committed to helping Early Childcare providers inspire each child and their families to be motivated and passionate about being physically active.

We believe throughout Early Childhood each child should have the opportunity to participate in a range of gross motor activities which can help their understanding of health and well-being from an early age.

We aim to achieve this in your centre through repetition of play and interest based movement, hopefully allowing each child to become habitual in their own creative play with their families at home.


'Parents are children's first educators and there should be a strong link between school and home.'

- Friedrich Froebel, Early childhood theorist

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We offer age specific gross motor training so each participating centre can adapt their program to suit the needs of their groups of children.

Our training not only focuses on gross motor development, we aim to motivate each centre to help build resilience, self-confidence & peer relationships through fun, gross motor activities.

We recognise the importance of supporting each child's social and emotional well-being through specific coaching strategies and support your team through this.


Our specialised Ribbit & Roo gross motor programs are age appropriate and support the EYLF. They can be tailored to each Early Childcare provider based on the needs of their children, families and educating team. 


Our age specific programs are developed to help encompass your children's interests, abilities and developmental milestones in an inclusive and familiar environment.


We have developed two age appropriate programs with the flexibility to simplify and progress each activity to suit each child;

  • Nursery & Toddler program (1 - 3 years)

  • Preschool program (3 - 5 years)


It is so important to us that each centre feels supported by Ribbit & Roo. This is why we continue to visit your centre for weekly visits for 4 weeks after your training.

Should any team members from your centre need further support after this 4 week period we are available to visit the centre at their request.

In addition to our 'in centre' support, we provide continual support via phone & email communication and resources for each centre.