Family Support

We recognise how important it is for families to spend quality time together. As Friedrich Froebel, inventor of the kindergarten once said -

"Parents are children's first educators and there should be a strong link between school and home".

That's why Ribbit & Roo believe it's important to help inspire families to create positive, heathy environments outside of childcare and in the comfort of their own home and community. 

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Family Newsletter

Each term Ribbit & Roo provide their centres with a newsletter detailing information on the focused themes e.g. Balance, Hand eye coordination and Strength. Each termly newsletter features a section with fun ideas and games for families to continue at home together. The idea is for families to repeat skills their children have already focused on so these skills become habitual and help them gain confidence, motivation and participate in further physical activity.

Termly themes (skills) which have been taught and explored by your educating team

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Each theme has a brief description of how the skills were taught and why they're important.

Each theme also has a 'Continue at home' section for families to extend on the focused themes.