Our 'At Home' Hand Eye Coordination & Accuracy pack lets your family connect through fun fine & gross motor activities using simple resources. Our packs have been designed to inspire your family's imagination and open ended creative play. 



- Keep your car on the road by staying in the lines & stopping at the traffic lights, zebra crossings and road works - Spatial awareness, focus & accuracy 

- Bowling - Decorate your paper cups and roll your ball try & knock them all down!

- Animal threading - Pop this activity in your bag for those longer car journeys or queues at the supermarket! Using your pincer grasp we can accurately thread our rope through each hole. A wonderful game for concentration, dexterity & hand eye coordination

- Target throwing - Lay down your felt squares and aim your beanbag towards every colour!

- Let's go fishing - Fill your blue bowl with water or leave it empty and try to hook your little fishies up using your popsicle sticks. A great little family game

- Balloon Tennis - Decorate your tennis bats, blow up a balloon and try to hit the balloon to each other. Try some keepy uppies  on your own too.


Suitable for 2+ years

Hand Eye Coordination & Accuracy Activity Pack

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  • Each pack contains;

    • 1 x foldable box
    • 1 x wooden car (colour may vary)
    • 1 x road map
    • 6 x Paper cups 
    • 1 x spongy soft ball 
    • 4 x coloured pencils for decorating paper resources
    • 1 x wooden animal threading board (animals may vary)
    • 5 x square felt targets (15cm x 15cm)
    • 1 x beanbag
    • 1 x blue paper bowl
    • 4 x popsicle sticks
    • fishies
    • 2 x paper bats
    • 2 x coloured balloons (colours may vary)
    • 1 x toy gold medal

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