Our 'At Home' Strength and Balance pack lets your family connect through fun fine & gross motor activities using simple resources. Our packs have been designed to inspire your family's imagination and open ended creative play. 



- Balance the egg on the spoon and if it drops we can see how our egg has cracked in half

- Our little sponges are a great way to strengthen those hand muscles  - Squeeze water from one bowl to another or take them into the bath. 

- Try balancing over our curved balance beam. Our shorter, wider beam can be used for an easier walk or join both beams together for a trickier challenge!

- Our yoga cards will help inspire your child to create their own strong poses 

- Beetles on our backs is our fun game which helps strengthen our core using coloured balloons 

- Using our sidewalk chalk we can draw a tree with 9 or more branches, balance along our tree trunk and along each branch to pick our juicy red apples at the ends.

- Elastic jump rope - attach both ends to a tree, pole or chair leg & raise slightly off the ground. Try to jump over it in different ways. 


Suitable for 2+ years

    Balance & Strength Activity Pack

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    • Each pack contains;

      • 1 x foldable box
      • 1 x wooden spoon
      • 1 x wooden egg which can be seperated in half
      • 4 x shaped sponges (colours may vary)
      • 2 x balance beams (these can be connected together for 1 long beam)
      • 6 x Yoga cards
      • 2 x round rubber ground markers (each marker is 17.7cm (Dia.)
      • 3 x coloured balloons (colours may vary)
      • 1 x coloured sidewalk chalk (colour may vary)
      • 9 x red juicy picking apples
      • 1 x elastic jump rope
      • 1 x toy gold medal

      *Due to covid-19 and some products becoming difficult to source, some items may be replaced for a silmilar item . We will always notify you of this change if it happens