My Roo Book - Little adventurer is an interactive busy book that gives children the opportunity to dive into their imagination through 8 busy pages of exploration.

Take My Roo Book on car journeys, camping, or just find a quiet spot in your home to encourage curious, independent play.


My Roo Book focuses on the following skills;


Fine motor



Colour recognition


Pre kindy skills

Cognitive thinking



All our books are hand made in the central coast, NSW. Each book is unique & made with felt, therefore the colours of our pages may vary based on the availability of our fabric. We aim to keep each book's colour themes similar.


Free Customising and personalisation book options available;

Book colour/pattern

Book fastening, options

Customise interest based pages (add a note in your order or email if you have a specific page in mind we can customise for you)

If you have chosen a hand embroidered letter for your front cover and if you have a colour preference, please send us a message with your chosen colour (white, yellow, light green, pink, blue, purple)

​​FREE delivery over $60 and local pick up options available


Please allow between 3 - 5 days (5 - 7 days for larger orders) for your book to be handmade with care and love.


This book is recommended for children aged 3-5.

My Roo Book - Little Adventurers

Book Colour
    • Zoom your rocket around space & land on different planets. Your astronaut can bounce around space with the elasticatd string. Move your telescope around and play with your removable planets!
    • Use the gas pump to fill your car's petrol tank at the garage & then decide which set of coloured tyres to put on your car!
    • Pull your lave up and watch it erupt, pull the stick down to do it all over again. Contains 2 x removable dinosaurs
    • Explore the jungle by peeling back the huge tropical leaves to find the wild animals! Some are camoflauged and others are hiding! 
    • Find your pirates treasure hidden in the sea and behind the seaweed. Pop the treasure into your pirate ship and pull up your anchor to set sail! (Warning - Contains small parts)
    • Open your presents by pulling the ribbons. Count how many toys are in each present! Use the ribbons to begin to explore tieing laces/bows
    • Apple picking - pick your apples and count each one, pop them in your basket