My Roo Book is an interactive book that gives children the opportunity to dive into their imagination through 8 busy pages of exploration. 

Take My Roo Book on car journeys, camping, or just find a quiet spot in your home to encourage curious, independent play.


My Roo Book focuses on the following skills;

  • Dexterity
  • Fine motor
  • Numeracy
  • Empathy
  • Colour recognition
  • Sensory
  • Pre kindy skills
  • Cognitive thinking
  • Creativity


All our books are hand made in the central coast, NSW. Each book is unique & made with felt, therefore the colours of our pages may vary based on the availability of our fabric. We aim to keep each book's colour themes similar.


UPDATE - We are now making our Roo books as a soft book (no hinged rings). We believe this is more age appropriate & durable.


If you would like a FREE personliased initial tag hung on your book please select the letter you would like above!


Please allow between 3 - 5 days for your book to be handmade with care and love.


This book is recommended  for children aged 2-5.

My Roo Book - Blue

Book Colour
    • Tie your laces - using black cord laces, practice tying your laces before school starts
    • Zoom your rocket into space & land on the moon. Your astronaut can bounce around space with the elasticatd string
    • Move your bees into the flowers and back to their beehive, perfect for dexterity and fine motor play, 
    • Use the gas pump to fill your tank at the garage & then decide which set of tyres to put on your car using your spanner
    • Find your pirates treasure hidden in the sea and sand. Use your little space to dig them out. (Warning - Contains small parts)
    • Our farm animals are in their barn, open and close the door & role play playing in the mud & eating hay
    • Pop the rocks in the truck and tip them over!
    • Lift the red lava and watch your volcano erupt! Pull the string down to repeat. Contains 3 x dinosauras.